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Boozy Grinch Cocktail Slush Mix

Boozy Grinch Cocktail Slush Mix

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The Boozy Grinch is a great holiday drink to enjoy over the holidays with fellow Grinch lovers!

To make the Boozy Grinch slush, simply pour vodka, lemon lime soda, water and pineapple juice right into the pouch.  Place the pouch in the freezer, and in 3-5 hours  the pouch will contain a festive frozen Grinch slush.

Each pouch makes approximately 8- 8 oz. glasses.  It can be stored in the freezer for up to a year.  If it melts down, simply place back in the freezer and it will slush again!

*Slush times can vary based on freezer settings and the percentage of alcohol being used. If you're hosting a gathering, plan ahead and freeze overnight!


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