Q: Do I need to put the slush into a blender after freezing?

A: Nope! The Frappé Vino mix is ready for serving after freezing! You can serve it right out of the bag, or serve it after kneading the bag for desired consistency. 


Q: How do I create drinks without going off of the provided recipes?

A: Just follow these basic recipes to create your own! 


1 750 ml bottle of wine

1 750 ml bottle of water


1.5 C Spirit (rum/vodka/gin/tequila/whiskey, etc.)

4 C of Non-alcoholic mixer such as juice, or water. Usually, we use a combination of mixers to make up the 4C! 


Q: What do I do if my drink hasn't frozen?

If your drink hasn't frozen within 5 hours, simply turn the temperature of your freezer down a few degrees or use a little volume of the filler (non-alcoholic component) used for this particular drink and return the mix to the freezer!


Q: What do I do if my drink is too firm?

If your drink is too firm, run warm water over the bag while kneading it. You can also let the mix sit out for a bit and then knead it to the desired consistency. Once at desired consistency, pour or squeeze into a pitcher or glass!