Frozen Merlot Frappé Vino Fusion

Frozen Merlot Frappé Vino Fusion


  • 1 box of Frappe Vino

  • 1 bottle Merlot Wine (750 ml bottle size)

  • 750 ml water (This recipe can be done with all wine and no water if you prefer)


Combine ingredients in the Frappé Vino Pouch. Stir or shake until mixed. (Note: You may use all wine and no water, but it may take a little longer to slush). Place in freezer for 3-5 hours or until slushed. Once drink has slushed, knead the bag to desired consistency. 

Note: If mix has not frozen within 5 hours, simply turn the temperature of your freezer down a few degrees or add a little volume of the filler used for this particular drink and return mix to freezer. On the contrary, if the mix is too firm, simply run warm water over the bag while kneading it or let mix set out for a while, then kneed to desired consistency. Once at desired consistency, pour or squeeze into a pitcher or glass. If mixes melts down, return it to the freezer and it will re-freeze. Serve and enjoy!